STICK'S DISPLAY: A Traveling Art Exhibit

Celebrate the American Spirit with the Sticks Exhibit, experience the history of an American icon. The Battleship IOWA saga comes to life through the creativity of artists and historians —and it can come to you!

STICKS is immediately available as a temporary indoor exhibit for public spaces such as airports, malls or public buildings . A minimum 10-week exhibit window is required. For details, please contact and reference “STICKS.”

Art & History Can Come to You

The Sticks grouping consists of nine beautifully etched and hand painted wood panels depicting significant events and various activities aboard the Battlship IOWA during her extraordinary career. We see images of the ship and her crew during WWII, the Korean conflict and the 1980s.

From "The Big Stick" to You

Battleship IOWA was nicknamed “The Big Stick” in reference to its three massive 16” gun turrets. The sense of power and majesty of this great ship never fails to impress visitors. Sticks is an affordable, portable series of graphics and text that can be displayed in a variety of configurations. They have been viewed by Battleship IOWA guests in the ship’s museum as free-standing three-sided units. Each panel is selfexplanatory so no additional signage is required. The Battleship IOWA story can be appreciated by everyone. It speaks to all generations who value history and the sacrifice our veterans have made.

Sticks Stands Alone

The Sticks panels are comprised of 4 free-standing assemblies approximately 4 foot wide and 6 feet tall.The triangular design is fundamentally stable while providing maximum flexibility for the overall exhibit footprint. Total space required is approximately 300 sq. ft. and can be configured in various linear or non-linear arrangements. Stanchions can be provided for the exhibit in order to establish a traffic–free area immediately adjacent to the panels. Panels and associated frames are easily disassembled and transported without specialized equipment.

The Battleship Iowa Sticks Story

Thousands of hours and the creativity of a dedicated group of artists have merged to create the these panels. Laser-etched outlines guided the team as they brought the USS Iowa story to life. Each panel was handcrafted at Sticks’ studio in Des Moines, Iowa and transported to the ship for display.









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