Support the Battleship IOWA and Return the Bell Home!

We need your help to support the Battleship IOWA Museum and return the original ship's bell for display aboard the IOWA on its 75th birthday - February 24, 2018! The original bell was installed on the ship at commissioning in 1943 and proudly served on board through World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Following the decommissioning of the USS Iowa, the bell was loaned to the State of Iowa for public display at the Capitol building in Des Moines, IA. The bell was proudly displayed outside the Governor's office and next to the large USS Iowa model for numerous students and public to visit annually. We are thankful to the numerous Iowans that have visited, preserved, and protected the bell since going on display at the Iowa State Capitol building. 

Now is the time to return the bell to her rightful home to the award winning Battleship IOWA Museum on the Los Angeles Waterfront!

About Battleship IOWA Museum

Battleship IOWA is an international symbol of freedom and diplomacy. Battleship IOWA’s historic service as a leading US Navy surface warship portrays core pillars of the American Spirit: individuality, self-reliance, national unity, overwhelming strength, civic responsibility, and technological innovation. 

IOWA was launched more than 75 years ago to defend American ideals of freedom, liberty and justice—her construction, design, and the service of her veterans reflect these ideals, and inspire all who visit the iconic ship. Forged in war, guardian of peace, IOWA is now the great gray sentry of the Los Angeles Waterfront. 

Today veterans, their proud families, eager school children and curious tourists are awed by IOWA’s proud legacy, continued role in public education, and ability to unite communities in common purpose. Teak decks and steel bulkheads echo the words and deeds of significant individuals including three U.S. Presidents, distinguished military figures, countless foreign dignitaries, and most importantly, thousands of her own heroic IOWA sailors.

Please consider a gift of $75 or more.

All contributions of $75 an above will be recognized with a listing on the "Return the Bell Home" plaque aboard the Battleship IOWA and a limited edition challenge coin celebrating the return of the bell on its 75th birthday. Contributors will be invited to attend the unveiling ceremony on February 24th aboard the Battleship IOWA.

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Our gift to you for your contribution of $75 or more

Front of the Return the Bell Home coin

Back of the Return the Bell Home coin


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