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Volunteers are the key to bringing USS IOWA alive. Our volunteers enjoy the exciting experience of working on a battleship and being part of the team. There are numerous tasks and jobs that Pacific Battleship Center is looking to fill with volunteers and they cover from administrative to scraping paint and everything in between. Volunteering is a way to be part of something special and truly enjoy the fruits of your labor by seeing battleship IOWA change daily as she once again comes alive.

If you would like to join our crew, click on the button below to fill out the Pacific Battleship Center application! This is the first step in becoming part of the team!

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If you have an organized group that is available to volunteer on the Battleship IOWA, please complete this group application by clicking the button below. An "organized group" is one that falls under the umbrella of a larger organization, institution, or company, as opposed to a loose affiliation of friends. Members of groups in the latter category should each complete the application for individual service.

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 If you have been issued a username and password for our online volunteer portal, please click here:

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