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For students interested in exploring the science behind Battleships. Features morning LEGO engineering activities, exploring simple machines, geared motors. Afternoons include activities around the ship investigating water depth, missile trajectory, submersibles and more!
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USS IOWA Camp Battleship

Our overnight program allows youth groups the opportunity to spend an evening on board a vintage WWII battleship and experience life as a sailor. The program includes a tour introduction to STEM learning, chow on the mess decks, entertainment, and much more.  
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A field trip to Battleship IOWA offers an array of entirely novel stimuli to students.  The battleship compels their attention while providing each student an unforgettable experience.  Most student visitors have never been aboard a ship of any type, much less a vintage WWII warship.
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 Day of Discovery was born out of a desire to use the historic Battleship IOWA as an educational platform for the children of the greater Los Angeles region. Partnering with the Tesoro Corporation and their mission of creating a safer and cleaner future, we reach thousands of local students.
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Battleship IOWA Education Programs Supported By:

Port of Los Angeles                    Phillips 66                    Tesoro 

Pacific Battleship Center
250 S. Harbor Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90731
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