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Pacific Battleship Center has been recognized by the following organizations for various awards.


Various Awards 

~LACVB Top 20 Paid Attraction for 2012/2013

~SSPC Military Coatings Project Award for 2012/2013


Battleship IOWA Awarded 2016 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor


Battleship IOWA Awarded 2013 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


Battleship IOWA Named 2013 Museum Ship of the Year


Steamship Historical Society of AmericaThe Steamship Historical Society of America gives special recognition to the “Battleship of Presidents” at its annual meeting 

LONG BEACH, CA (May 4, 2013) – The Battleship IOWA’s has been named the 2013 Museum Ship of the Year by the Steamship Historical Society of America (SSHSA) in its annual meeting/SHIPosium held Saturday, May 4.

The SSHSA recognizes the IOWA’s advanced design characteristics and notable contributions to our nation’s defense over the years, but more importantly the successful efforts of the Pacific Battleship Center to secure the ship as a permanent museum thereby affording the general public a unique opportunity to witness Naval history in the making.

“We are extremely honored and proud to receive this recognition,” said President and COO Jonathan Williams. “We have worked tirelessly to create a venue that celebrates the American spirit and will continue to strive to make every visit to the IOWA memorable and one of a kind.”

The SSHSA has members in every state of the union and in 30 countries. Each year the SSHSA recognizes vessels, people and entities that have exemplified or made a significant contribution to the history of engine-powered vessels.

“The IOWA’s relocation, preservation, and interpretation efforts exemplify the spirit of American ingenuity and grit, and offer the next generation a direct living, breathing link to the past. So we are very pleased and proud to present this year's award to the USS IOWA,” said CDR John F. Hamma, USN (Retired).

The USS IOWA is the West Coast’s only Battleship open to the public. Operated by the nonprofit Pacific Battleship Center (PBC) the IOWA opened on July 7, 2012 as an interactive naval museum at the L.A. Waterfront dedicated to “Celebrating the American Spirit” through the preservation and interpretation of the Battleship IOWA. To share the accomplishments and sacrifices of American patriots and to engage visitors in unique and exciting ways that bring the ship to life by connecting the past with the future is the goal of the PBC.

The tour takes guests on a journey through World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War to experience the life of a sailor on the lead ship of the last class of gunships. Guests will walk the wood decks of a battleship and see areas such as the 16” guns, 5” guns, missile decks, bridge, mess areas, and the world famous Captain’s Cabin with the only bathtub installed on a battleship for a President.

The Battleship IOWA is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (September through May); 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (June through August). For more information on the attraction, go to

The SSHSA stewards a collection of hundreds of thousands of images, artifacts, periodicals, artwork, official records, memorabilia, and ephemera archived in more than 100 collections and devoted exclusively to the history of engine-powered vessels. For further information visit


LA Mayor Villaraigosa Says IOWA is a Popular Attraction

Mayor Villaraigosa 

Mayor Villaraigosa onboard the USS IOWA. (Photo: Port of LA)

     "The mayor of Los Angeles paid tribute to the USS Iowa and the State of Iowa during a weekend appearance in Des Moines. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was the keynote speaker at the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.
     At the opening of his speech, he mentioned the retired battleship, which had been in a northern California salvage yard before a group of Iowans and former sailors on the ship raised the money for restoration as a floating museum.
     "'L.A. owes Iowa a debt of gratitude,'" Villaraigosa said...."   Read More!

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