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CEO Weekly Update for 11/04/19

Good Morning Team: We start off this week with a beautiful Monday! I received a note from Mike G. highlighting the exciting progress of George Musulin and associated team members for being able to swap over our 1MC system over to a more efficient transformer.  This...

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CEO Weekly Update for 10/28/19

Greetings Team: It has slowed down a bit over the past week.  Looking at the numbers year over year, attendance was flat last week and revenue was up 15% for ticket sales online and at the POS.  Continuing to see revenue up affirms our long-term plan of rolling out...

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CEO Update for Week of 10/20/2019

Team: I had an opportunity to stroll the decks last week and see first hand some of the wonderful work you are doing.  It is humbling to see the improvements that we make on a weekly basis due to your commitment and work. I am excited to see what the team has in store...

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CEO Weekly Update for 10/14/19

Team: Thank you again to those that joined us for the video webcast a little over a week ago. We will continue down this road in the foreseeable future for question and answer sessions with the crew. Please visit Sue's office when you have an opportunity to read our...

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CEO Weekly Update 10/07/19

We kick off a new week at the Battleship IOWA with the Norwegian Bliss tied up astern of us. A beautiful ship that I hear has a go-kart course on it. This sounds like it would be a fun voyage - if only I can convince the wife (and myself) to abandon work for a week....

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CEO Weekly Update for 09/30/19

I send out a weekly email to our crew with our current updates and wanted to share these updates with our greater audience.  I hope you enjoy. The short period away allowed me to press the reset button. I have found this is critical after remaining focused for a long...

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