Operation Crush COVID: Meet Mike Hershman

Operation Crush COVID is rolling and we promised you stories: meet Mike Hershman.

Mike and his wife Carole wrote the book on Vicky the dog – literally. In addition to composing children’s literature, Mike fulfills many roles on IOWA. At present he is “trying to support the ship any way” he can.

Like most of us involved with the museum, Mike feels that the battleship is “a remarkable example of what our country was able to do in another time of real crisis. To look at the ship and think how quickly it was built is to get a glimpse of the incredible effort that went into winning the war. The nation pulled together to win – we can do it again.”

Mike and Carole believe so strongly in what we’re doing at Battleship IOWA Museum, they donated all of the books we’re giving away to the first 100 donors who contribute $100 or more. They’re going fast! Click here to support Op Crush COVID and get yours today!

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