Filming on the USS IOWA:

USS IOWA, the West Coast’s only museum battleship, is available for filming. A tour-de-force, the USS IOWA earned 11 battle stars and numerous awards and can now be sourced for movie, commercial and series locations in Los Angeles area.

The legendary naval ship is the lead vessel from the last class of battleships that includes the USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Missouri, and USS Wisconsin. Over the course of her legacy, in times of peace and battle, through World War II and the Korean and Cold Wars, it served to protect the United States and her citizens.

On the USS IOWA, there are many decks and ship’s compartments that represent the 1940’s to a modern-day configuration allowing the warship to play numerous roles for film, television and commercial including destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers. The IOWA features wood decks, large 16″ guns, 5″ guns, missile decks and their systems, bridge, mess and sleeping areas, hospital, engine and fire rooms, laundry, brig, combat engagement center, operating machinery, galleys, and the world-famous Captain’s Cabin with the only bathtub installed on a battleship for a President.

Known as “The Battleship of Presidents”, the IOWA has hosted three United States Presidents including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush as well as numerous dignitaries during almost 70 years of military service. Located in Los Angeles, near the studios of Manhattan Beach, Culver City and more, the vessel is right off the 110 freeway steps from the Port of Los Angeles. San Pedro, the home to the Los Angeles harbor is also the former World War II home to the US Navy fleet. It’s a picturesque area rich in maritime history.

Battleships & Hollywood

The allure of battleships is of such significance that they have been featured in numerous TV shows, documentaries, and movies from Battleship to NCIS- LA. Due to their projection of power and dominance in naval sea power, battleships hold the top spot as the world’s most powerful warships. Battleship IOWA is no exception and is now located less than 30 miles from Hollywood, being called upon for roles requiring warships.

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