Day of Discovery brings science, technology, engineering, and math to school children onboard the iconic Battleship IOWAPartnering with Tesoro and its mission to create cleaner, safer, well-educated communities, the Day of Discovery program was born out of a desire to use the historic Battleship IOWA as an educational platform for the children of the greater Los Angeles region.

At the Day of Discovery program, school children are provided a real world hands-on environment for STEM activities, with a backdrop of history, maritime sciences, and international commerce. Through this program, participants are able to experience an emotional story of engineering ingenuity, human commitment, and world service 70 years in the making.

Program activities include simple machines, depth measurement, water displacement/ buoyancy, straw projectiles, and a tarp flip team builder. A take-home guide is provided to students with additional learning activities that include hydrodynamics, ventilation, navigation, distance calculation, and the parabolic path. Day of Discovery aims to engage students in STEM concepts, critical and creative thinking, communication skills, problem solving, team building, risk and reward, innovation – as well as to inspire them to be productive members of society.

Day of Discovery

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