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     Since coming to the Los Angeles Waterfront in 2012, Battleship IOWA has quickly become a place of learning, community, and engagement. Visitors from all walks of life come to explore this historic ship. School children experience the excitement of visiting their first battleship and learning about our history. Veterans remember their years in service and families of servicemen and women who have passed come to honor and remember their loved ones.  

     Pacific Battleship Center is able to operate and maintain the Battleship IOWA Museum because of the generous support of individuals like you, who share a passion for our mission. We invite you to be a part of Battleship IOWA's living legacy as only you can. For more information on how you can be involved see the programs available below. 

Is working on a battleship a lifetime passion for you? Pacific Battleship Center offers an exciting work environment onboard the USS IOWA battleship as a member of the ship's crew. 

The Pacific Battleship Center (PBC) extends an invitation to unite with PBC as a Sponsor. The PBC mission, “Celebrate the American Spirit” is pursued through the restoration and interpretation of Battleship IOWA. 

Visionary donors can honor their legacy or the legacy of a loved one through helping to ensure our plans to expand restoration efforts, improve and increase exhibits, and provide quality educational programs.

On behalf of Pacific Battleship Center and the community we serve, the donation of your car helps us fulfill our mission. For years, PBC has been an important part of the community and your donation helps support our programs. 

The PBC Museum Collection Policy requires donated items be directly related to Iowa’s service from keel laying on June 27, 1940, to the decommissioning on October 26, 1990, and continuing through donation status with US Navy.

The Battleship IOWA is more than just a museum ship. It’s a community platform for social impact and community engagement. Preserve history and ensure we don't lose an iconic American symbol!

Volunteers are the key to bringing USS IOWA alive. Our volunteers enjoy the exciting experience of working on a battleship and being part of the team.

The Pacific Battleship Center is proud to have an active Membership program that provides a range of benefits including unlimited admission, special invites, e-newsletters, and much more!  




It is through the tremendous support made by the individuals listed in this donor recognition section that hundreds of thousands of visitors have been able to “Celebrate the American Spirit”.

Battleship IOWA is refurbishing dozens of racks throughout the proud, iconic ship. Now, for the first time in more than 20 years, Battleship IOWA is ready to reassign its racks—permanently! 

The Pacific Battleship Center needs your help in saving one of the last remaining HUP-2 helicopters in the United States. This Korean War-era Piasecki HUP Retriever will be proudly displayed on the decks of Battleship IOWA. 















·         To be a leader in celebrating the American Spirit.

·         Tax Deductible.

·         To honor the service of a friend or loved one.

·         To preserve history, and ensure we don't lose an iconic American Symbol of innovation, freedom, and democracy.

·         To educate and inspire future generations of leaders on American Ideals, Freedom, Spirit, and Civic Responsibility.

·         To influence stem related careers and continue Maritime Service and Tradition into the future.

·         To positively impact veterans lives and futures.

·         To support a platform of social impact and community engagement.

·         To participate in impactful activities and community events.

·         To give back and memorialize those that have risked their lives to protect our freedoms.

·         To provide socialization opportunities for Veterans, Senior Citizens, and Youth. 

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