Day of Discovery STEM Field-Trip

Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery STEM Field Trip is a STEM educational program at the Battleship IOWA Museum in Los Angeles.  We have partnered with Marathon Petroleum to create a safer and cleaner future by reaching thousands of students annually. 

Day of Discovery stem field-trip brings science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to students onboard southern california’s iconic
Battleship IOWA museum

Battleship IOWA Museum in Los Angeles is host to the Day of Discovery STEM Field-Trip program presented by Marathon.  Students learn the fundamentals of STEM through activites with a backdrop of history, maritime science, and international trade.  

Activities are focused on leadership, teamwork, comradery, and building skills in a unique environment.  This field-trip program is memorable for all that participate.

STEM Program activities include simple machines, depth measurement, water displacement/ buoyancy, straw projectiles, and a tarp flip team builder. A take-home guide is provided to students with additional learning activities which include hydrodynamics, ventilation, navigation, distance calculation, and the parabolic path. Day of Discovery Field-Trip Program aims to engage students in STEM concepts, critical and creative thinking, communication skills, problem solving, team building, risk and reward, and innovation.

For more information or to book a field-trip visit contact contact Group Sales at 877-446-9261 ext. 706 or at  groupsales@labattleship.com

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