The Battleship IOWA Museum in Los Angeles is a platform for education, veterans, and community engagement. Your help is needed to ensure that we don’t lose an iconic American symbol for future generations!

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Since 2012, the Battleship IOWA Museum has welcomed more than one million visitors and veterans aboard this historic ship, and served tens of thousands of K-12 students with hands-on STEM education and U.S./Naval History excursions. Our new 11,000 square foot Lost at Sea exhibit, in partnership with Dr. Robert Ballard, allows visitors to explore “undersea museums” where shipwrecks and artifacts remain undisturbed. Due to our early sucess as a museum, we are now planning our long-term transition into the National Museum of the Surface Navy. All of this would not be possible, without the commitment of donors and volunteers to perform continued restoration and preservation of this historic Naval ship. We need your support more than ever. Donate now and help us have a lasting impact on America’s youth, veterans, and future.

Pacific Battleship Center is able to operate and maintain the Battleship IOWA Museum because of generous support of individuals like you. We receive no government funding for our daily operations. We invite you to be a part of Battleship IOWA’s living legacy and the future of National Museum of the Surface Navy. Click here to download our brochure.

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