Don Bovia

Don Bovia

Las Vegas, NM

DOB: 05/17/1961

Division: B/Voids

Rate/Rank: BT1

Years in Service: 20

I was happy as hell when I got orders to the Battleship IOWA, I didn't know until I reported aboard her in Portsmouth, Va that she was to be decommissioned. I served aboard from Jan '90 to Mar '91, a little over a year. I really wish I could have gotten underway on her and to feel those 16" guns fire, but I am very proud to have been one of the lucky few to have served aboard such a fine ship. One of the proudest moments in my 20 years of Naval service was when I was reenlisted in front of #1 gun turret by my father CWO4 Marvin Bovia. I carry a piece of the IOWA with me everyday, I have a pen which was made from a piece of her deck and I have that piece of deck next to my shadow box.

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