Donald  V Cardwell

Donald V Cardwell

Lakeland, FL

DOB: 03/05/1937

Division: X

Rate/Rank: TDC (AC)

Years in Service: 24

  • 6 Good Coducts,3 unit Meritourus

IOWA: My First and Only ship as Ships company. I Walked up the gangway as an Airman with three (3) GREEN stripes. The JOD says you're on the wrong ship with those Green Stripes, the Carrier is across the way. We only have seaman And firemen. I was a TDAN assigned to the "X" div. I&E office as a Training Device Tech. The Green stripes were a magnet for out of uniform charges. I finally was promoted to TD3 on top of Turret 1 by Capt. Becton. I became a Shell Back and a Blue Nose in the same year. One of my GQ stations was a 40mm Quad loader. We visited eight (8) countries during three deployments.

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