Troy Baisch

Troy Baisch

Oceanside, CA

DOB: 06/07/1963

Division: GM

Rate/Rank: FC2

Years in Service: 26

I was a Tomahawk FC aboard Iowa from 1987-1989. They say you never forget your first love. So true. I've been to a lot of great commands over my 26 years of service, but Iowa will always be the most special to me. I've always said I'd go back there in a heartbeat, and if I could,I really would. I'm glad she'll be in L.A. so she'll be so close, but it is kind of bittersweet. I'm happy she's been saved and will be well cared for, but sad that I'll never get to go to sea aboard her again. No one who has never been a BATTLESHIP SAILOR will ever understand, and those who have know exactly what I'm talking about.

Pacific Battleship Center
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Los Angeles, CA 90731
p: 877-446-9261
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