Upper decks of the Battleship IOWA Museum


Battleship IOWA Museum is a historic warship built in 1943.  Unfortunately, the ship has limited ADA accessible areas, but arrangements can be made for visitors with mobility requirements. We continue to improve accessibility for disabled guests in the near future with our current accessibility fundraising campaign.

Battleship IOWA Museum has installed one chair lift on the Main Deck to bring guests to the 1st Deck, the Captain's Cabin where former President FDR stayed. There are plans to install more chair lifts in order to provide disabled guests a full experience of the Battleship IOWA.

There are many obstacles on the ship such as uneven decking, high door frames, and many sets of stairs that are safety hazards.  Access is permitted for wheelchairs during most sea conditions except when the ship is experiencing unusually high tides.  To schedule your visit in advance, please contact or call 877-446-9261. Visitors with wheelchairs, canes, and walkers should be extra careful and may consider staying on main deck during their visits.

We are actively searching for accessibility funding.  If you are interested, please contact or call 877-446-9261 ext. 709 to discuss the opportunity.


  • Visiting the Battleship IOWA can be a very rewarding family experience and children are welcome on board during all times!

  • Children love Victory the dog scavenger hunt and it is available at no additional cost at the beginning of your tour.

  • Parents must supervise their children at all times. 

  • Strollers parking is available on board Battleship IOWA Museum, but are not permitted on the majority of the tour route.   For small children, the use of a front carrier (Baby Bjorn-type carrier) is suggested. There are several stairs and obstacles on the tour. Children may not be carried up stairs unless they are in a front-facing carrier. If they are not in a carrier and cannot climb the stairs safely on their own, then the child and a guardian must remain on the main deck of the ship. 

  • Designed as a military ship, the Battleship IOWA Museum is a unique, authentic experience in which you traverse the same decks and stairways the sailors did when she was active.  Please don't try to act like a sailor by running throughout the ship.  The sailors were acclimated to these conditions and were able to move quickly amongst their ship.  

  • If at any time you would like to exit the tour route, please located a Battleship IOWA crew member and they will assist.

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