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Battleship USS Iowa Museum is Open!

Explore L.A.’s award-winning naval history museum in-person or online.


Open for Tours

We are open for safe in-person tours.

Surface Navy Heroes

Diversity, Leadership, and Bravery.

Vicky the Dog

Find our mascot in a fun scavenger hunt online or onboard the ship.

HUP-2 Helicopter

Korean War-era Piasecki HUP Retriever on deck.

Artifact Gallery

Explore some of the items in our artifact gallery.

Battleship of Presidents

USS Iowa has hosted world leaders since 1943.

In-Person Experience

In-Person Exhibits

Online Tours & Museum

Online Exhibits


Your safe visit to the Battleship USS Iowa museum is our utmost priority.  We have implemented numerous measures for in-person tours that adhere to Los Angeles County public health guidelines.  A few of the measures include:

  • Limited capacity and physical distancing.
  • Increased disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Hand-sanitizer stations throughout the tour.
  • Face coverings are required for all guests and crew.
  • Non-essential personnel are working remotely.
  • Daily temperature checks for all crew working onboard.
  • Signage promoting social distancing and hand washing.
  • New virtual options to experience the museum.

Surface Navy Museum

Planned to open in 2025 aboard Battleship USS Iowa. Become a Plank Owner today.


Ship's Store

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Your donations are critical to the survival of the Battleship USS Iowa.  


Learn the History

USS Iowa’s history began in 1943 and continues through today.



Volunteer to be a member of today’s Battleship USS Iowa crew.


Battleship USS Iowa is a community platform leveraged for engaging and impactful programs.  We focus our activities into three primary pillars; education, veterans, and community.  

Support your favorite pillar today by donating or by becoming a volunteer.

Check out this week’s exciting Museum Update just in time for Juneteenth & Father’s Day! Jump on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support our Veterans West program serving veterans of all branches & ages!

View our story or weekly update highlight for the link.

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The Battleship IOWA Museum is open 🎉 🎉 So, what are you waiting for? When are you coming to visit? Find out more and book your visit today. Link in bio #VisitCalifornia #AllDreamsWelcome #BattleshipIOWA #SurfaceNavyMuseum ...

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Hit our Weekly Updates highlight and swipe up. ⬆️👍 ...

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Happy World Oceans Day! Since its creation on October 13, 1775 the United States Navy has played a crucial role in the protection of the world’s oceans, ensuring freedom of the seas for all people. The ships of the surface navy defend the ability of research, trade, and leisure on the waterways of the world. #WorldOceansDay #BattleshipIOWA #SurfaceNavyMuseum #History #Museum #Navy #Military #LosAngeles #Sailing ...

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"We are all being impacted by a global pandemic, many are impacted by natural disasters such as fires and challenged air quality. Science can help provide the answers to understanding and overcoming these challenges - we need to provide our students with a high-quality, equitable science education to prepare for the challenges that are yet to come.”

Spots are still open for our STEM Adventure Summer Camp. Learn more and register today through the link in our bio.

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Today we REMEMBER ALL OUR HEROES. All those as Lincoln so eloquently put it at the Gettysburg Address, “gave their lives that that nation may live.” This Memorial Day make sure to take time to remember what the holiday is all about and why we have the privilege to take the day off.

You can participate virtually in our Annual Day of Remembrance over on our YouTube channel where we’ll be live streaming it at 10am PST. Link in bio.

#MemorialDay2021 #BattleshipIowa #SurfaceNavyMuseum

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Monday 5/31 is the last day to vote for the IOWA’s San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial competing in the Buscaino Community Grants Program. Every vote counts! You don’t need to live here to vote for us. If you support, volunteer, or have an interest in preserving the ship, you’re a stakeholder entitled to vote. Just be sure you use zip code 90731 when you vote!

If you’ve already voted, please tell a friend and share this post on social media.

We need your help in securing $92,000 to build the San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial alongside the ship and honor those San Pedrans who gave their lives in service to our country.

Copy/paste this link bit.ly/BGSanPedro or find the link in our profile.

Scroll down until you find San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial and use zip code 90731 when voting. Thank you!

#BattleshipIowa #SurfaceNavyMuseum #SanPedro #Veterans #Memorial #honorthefallen

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The IOWA's STEM Adventure Camp for students in first through eighth grade is finally here this summer! History and science will join together to introduce students to valuable scientific and engineering concepts as they were applied in the design and operation of the historic battleship which served in the 1940s, '50s, and '80s.

Learn more about the program, find scholarship opportunities, and register today at the link in our bio.

#BattlshipIOWA #SurfaceNavyMuseum #SanPedro #Education #STEM #Learning #LA

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Join us in REMEMBERING ALL OUR HEROES this Memorial Day! Our virtual ceremony will take place Monday, May 31st at 10am on YouTube followed by the "Celebration of the American Spirit" musical performance by The Jokers.

This virtual event is free and open to everyone. You can find the livestream at the link in our bio.

The Battleship IOWA is open to the public on Memorial Day for in-person tours from 10am to 4pm. You can get your tickets at the link in our bio. General admission is free for veterans and active duty military!

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Something big is happening on the IOWA today! Can anyone guess what it is?

#USSIowa #BattleshipIowa #SurfaceNavyMuseum #SanPedro #Museum

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If you haven’t already, make sure to cast your vote for the San Pedro Fallen Veterans Memorial in the Buscaino Community Grants Program. We need your help in securing the funds to honor those San Pedrans who gave their lives in service to our country. The virtual polls are open for just one more week.

Click the link in our bio to vote. Just scroll down until you find us and use zip code 90731.

If you have already voted THANK YOU! Also be sure to tell a friend and share on social media.

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It's NATIONAL MARITIME DAY - time to recognize an industry rich in history, full of incredible stories, and responsible for global commerce, protection, food production, transportation, and so much more.

Here's to our shipmates who "go down to the sea in ships." May you ever have fair winds (anyone who adds 'following seas' has never been in them in a big blow).

How about celebrating by visiting an icon of maritime lore? You know... a certain sizeable grey hull, currently docked peacefully alongside a San Pedro pier... (Use the link in our bio to book your tickets online!)

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