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This week's MUSEUM UPDATE focuses on an event that took place 80 years ago today: the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It's crucial that we commemorate moments like these. Reminders that our freedom is precious are crucial to our future, and honoring the men and women who gave all to protect those freedoms is essential. Join us as we pay tribute to them.

Link in our Weekly Updates highlight.

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From @navalinstitute:

#OTD in 1941, three sailors were photographed while having a drink at a bar in Pearl Harbor. Clifford Olds (right), was on board USS WEST VIRGINIA when it was sunk during the Japanese attack the next morning. When salvage workers found his remains in a compartment several months later, a marked calendar revealed that he and two other shipmates had lived for 16 days trapped within the ship.

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#OTD From Naval History and Heritage Command: "On Dec. 3, 1775, the first American flag was raised onboard a Continental ship when Lt. John Paul Jones hoisted the Grand Union flag during Continental ship ALFRED's commissioning at Philadelphia, PA. ALFRED was the flagship of Commodore Esek Hopkins’ Continental Navy flotilla during the remainder of 1775 and the first four months of 1776. Capt. Dudley Saltonstall commanded ALFRED at that time.

"In August 1777, with Capt. Elisha Hinman as the ship’s commander, ALFRED hoisted her sails for France in company with frigate RALEIGH to obtain military supplies. While underway, they captured four small prizes. They reached L'Orient, France, on Oct. 6, and on Dec. 29, set sail for American shores. They proceeded via the coast of Africa, where they took a small sloop, and then headed for the West Indies, hoping to add to their score before turning northward for home.

"On March 9, 1778, near Barbados, they encountered British warships ARIADNE and CERES. When the American ships attempted to flee, ALFRED fell behind her faster consort. Shortly after noon, the British men-of-war caught up with ALFRED and forced her to surrender after a half an hour's battle. ALFRED was subsequently taken to Barbados, and rearmed with 20 guns as HMS ALFRED."

Stories like this one will be staples of the #NationalMuseumoftheSurfaceNavy. If you have a passion for preserving them, become a PLANK OWNER for the museum today. It's free! Link in bio.

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Hit up our WEEKLY UPDATES highlight for a #GivingTuesday message from CEO Jonathan Williams.

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Lighting things up for the holidays.

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It's "Black Friday." Forget the mall... Come to Battleship IOWA! Stroll our decks, soak in some sunshine and fresh air... and even pick up a few gifts.

Give your loved ones tickets to visit the "Battleship of Presidents or hit up our Ship's Store for truly unique items. (Website link in bio will take you to both.)

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What's on your menu for Thanksgiving? Here's a sampling of the fare aboard USS IOWA back on her first one.

Your #BattleshipIOWA crew wishes you and your loved ones all the best. Have a safe, blessed holiday!

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What do the items in this photo have to do with our latest museum update? Guess you’re going to have to hit up our Weekly Updates highlight to find out! 😉😁😎

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Hit up our Weekly Updates highlight for the latest from CEO Jonathan Williams.

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This ship is the Fletcher class destroyer USS WILLIAM D PORTER - also known as the “Willie D.” On November 14, 1943 she fired a LIVE TORPEDO at the then practically new battleship USS IOWA.

What was going on? Did the torpedo hit IOWA? Why was Willie D shooting in the first place? Drop your guesses in the comments...

Or come visit the ship and we’ll tell you... while you stand on the decks where it happened. (Link to purchase tickets online in bio.)

For more info on the Willie D - the “unluckiest ship in the US Navy,” copy/paste this link:

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Happy VETERANS DAY from Battleship IOWA! Today we celebrate and honor all those who have served and sacrificed to protect the freedoms we so deeply cherish.

Take a moment today not just to thank veterans, but to find out about them. The interest you show in their personal stories will be far more meaningful than a simple thank you. 💖🙏

And if you’d like to do more, please consider a donation in support of our veterans programming. Link in bio.

#veterans #VeteransDay2021 #battleshipiowa #surfacenavymusuem

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Why is volunteer coordinator extraordinaire SUE SCHMIDT smiling so broadly? Because it's #NationalVolunteerCoordinatorDay!

But wait - there's more! She's also celebrating the ten year anniversary of the day she joined the ship!

If you're aboard today, make sure to stop by and give this hard-working, incredibly dedicated lady some love. She's a big part of the glue that holds this family together and she does it all with grace and humor. We're lucky to have her!

Don't know Sue? Clearly you need to sign up to volunteer with us. Hit up the link tree in our bio for more info.

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