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Battleship USS Iowa Museum is Open!

Explore L.A.’s award-winning naval history museum in-person or online.


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We are open for safe in-person tours.

Surface Navy Heroes

Diversity, Leadership, and Bravery.

Vicky the Dog

Find our mascot in a fun scavenger hunt online or onboard the ship.

HUP-2 Helicopter

Korean War-era Piasecki HUP Retriever on deck.

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Explore some of the items in our artifact gallery.

Battleship of Presidents

USS Iowa has hosted world leaders since 1943.

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Your safe visit to the Battleship USS Iowa museum is our utmost priority.  We have implemented numerous measures for in-person tours that adhere to Los Angeles County public health guidelines.  A few of the measures include:

  • Limited capacity and physical distancing.
  • Increased disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Hand-sanitizer stations throughout the tour.
  • Face coverings are required for all guests and crew.
  • Non-essential personnel are working remotely.
  • Daily temperature checks for all crew working onboard.
  • Signage promoting social distancing and hand washing.
  • New virtual options to experience the museum.

Surface Navy Museum

Planned to open in 2025 aboard Battleship USS Iowa. Become a Plank Owner today.


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Battleship USS Iowa is a community platform leveraged for engaging and impactful programs.  We focus our activities into three primary pillars; education, veterans, and community.  

Support your favorite pillar today by donating or by becoming a volunteer.

We're wrapping our VETERANS RESOURCE CENTER WELCOME SIGN INSCRIPTION Campaign this week with a message from our board chairman and a discussion of a tough subject that is a huge driving force behind the VRC.

Link in our Weekly Updates highlight.

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At the age of nineteen, Haywood Truxillo of Port Allen, Louisiana enlisted in the United States Navy. It was November 1942, a little less than a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Straight out of boot camp, Haywood found himself a Machinist's Mate stationed in one of the massive engine rooms aboard the newly commissioned USS IOWA. He served reliably through the IOWA's WWII combat missions and was discharged from the navy after the war, in February of 1946. He never forgot his time on the battleship. He spoke of it with incredible pride and attended many crew reunions.

Haywood passed away on February 26, 2002 at the age of 79.

Did you or someone you know serve on the USS Iowa? We'd love to hear your stories and see your photos. Share your story with us at development@labattleship

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FIVE World War II Veterans Aboard Battleship IOWA 7/17/21. There's always something special happening at Battleship IOWA, but occasionally even we out-do ourselves. Saturday, July 17 we had the incredible privilege of hosting not one, not two, but FIVE nonagenarian World War II veterans aboard ship. They shared stories with us and compared experiences with one another - turns out two were on different ships at the Battle of Leyte Gulf!

Since her opening as a museum, IOWA has been the perfect platform to facilitate opportunities like this one. We've been talking a lot lately about our new VETERANS RESOURCE CENTER (VRC). The Center will create even more chances for veterans like these to come together, share camaraderie, and pass on history from the perspectives of eye witnesses.

You can honor these and other veterans by supporting the VRC. Click the link tree in our bio to get your name inscribed on the sign that will welcome them to their space aboard the battleship and leave a lasting legacy, both for yourself and them.

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This summer, culture is making a comeback – and so are we! We’re pleased to share that we’re one of seven must-see venues in Tiqets’ Your Summer of a Lifetime in the Los Angeles and San Diego list.

Be on the lookout for the launch of our new hotdog stand: Vicky’s Doghouse on the fantail in the coming month.

Ready to get your spark back? Click on the link in our bio to see which other venues made the cut.

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James H. Conroy Jr. first laid his eyes on the IOWA in 1942 while she was awaiting her launch day in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As a 19 year old fresh from bootcamp, James was filled with a great sense of pride as he looked forward to stepping foot on her magnificent teak decks. Until his passing he called that moment one of the proudest of his life.

He was part of the “Mighty I’s” very first crew. He was onboard when she launched in August of 1942 and sailed through the Panama canal for the first time with just a foot of clearance on each side. James was also part of the crew that delivered President Roosevelt to the historic Tehran Conference which marked the beginning of the end of the second World War. He was also there at the end of the war in the Pacific to stand at IOWA’s railings and watch the Japanese surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri in the waters of Tokyo Bay.

Along with the moment he first saw the IOWA, James fondly remembered manning the ship’s bell during times of heavy fog. He never forgot being engulfed in the fog’s eerie blanket of grey and seeing the silhouettes of the ship’s mighty 16” guns and superstructure rise out of it.

James retired from the Navy in 1946 after WWII as a Seaman 1st Class. He lived long enough to see the IOWA be pulled back into duty, this time as a museum, and rested easier knowing that his home for four years would be revered in the manor she so deserved.

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Check out this week's message from our CEO & President. Jonathan discusses our impressive continued rebound from COVID-19, how awesome our crew is, and why he's going off the grid for a little while. Link in Weekly Updates story highlight.

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Time for a Monday adventure! Where are we headed? Hit our IOWA BTS highlight and swipe up for full video or head over to our YouTube channel, Battleship USS IOWA Museum.

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This week, our VETERANS RESOURCE CENTER WELCOME SIGN CAMPAIGN focuses on all three of our pillars: Veterans, Education, and Community. Check out our blog for our latest endeavors in these core areas. Link in weekly update story highlight. ...

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Hot off the press! In this week's update, CEO and President Jonathan Williams discusses Independence Day, some exciting grants we've received, and his thoughts on the Pacific Battleship Center's first decade of service. Read the full update through the link in our Weekly Updates highlight.

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Happy 4th of July! We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

Friendly reminder: the IOWA is open today for in-person tours. Come down to the ship, walk her storied passageways, and experience the "Mighty I" which has played a crucial role in American history. Link in bio.

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Getting ready for #IndependenceDay at #BattleshipIOWA ...

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A sit down with Janice Bowman to discuss the Veterans Resource Center. Janice Bowman: Military and Veterans Affairs at the Battleship IOWA, sits down with us to discuss what the Veterans Resource Center will mean to the Los Angeles veterans community.

To learn more about, and support the VRC go to the link in our bio.

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