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10 Year Anniversary - The Tow Out Of Suisun Bay: Mike Getscher Part 1. Today - October 27, 2021 - marks the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the day we freed Battleship IOWA from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet. You've seen the epic videos and photos. Now, COO Mike Getscher takes you behind the scenes and shares some of the little-known technical details involved in a process those videos make look so easy.

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CEO Jonathan Williams shares highlights from our Freedom of the Seas weekend in his latest update. (Find the link in our Weekly Updates highlight.)

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Coming to our Halloween STEMebration this Saturday? We’ve got treats. Boy, do we have treats! Thanks a ton to @cabrillomarineaquarium for sharing their candy with us.

Event starts at 6 PM. Be here for all the fun!

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Ambassador Rob O’Brien Speech Part 3. Final part of Ambassador O’Brien’s speech.

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Ambassador Rob O’Brien Speech Part 2. Part 2 of Ambassador Rob O’Brien’s speech on #freedomoftheseas

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Ambassador Rob O’Brien Speech Part 1. Our final honoree at last night’s celebration was Freedom of the Seas award winner Ambassador Rob O’Brien. He gave an insightful and fascinating speech of the state of safety on the world’s oceans today. Here is part 1.

The National Museum of the Surface Navy would like to thank our honorees and guests for attending and spending time with us, our generous sponsors for making this incredible evening possible, and the phenomenal staff, crew, and board of Battleship IOWA who dedicated hard work and heart to make this event spectacular. Semper Gumby, BB-61!

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Finishing the evening, Freedom of the Seas award winner Ambassador Rob O’Brien.

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Global Trade and Communications Award. Global Trade and Communications Award recipient UPS acceptance by Bruce MacRae.

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The Battle of Leyte Gulf. RADM Samuel J. Cox, USN (Ret) describes the Battle of Leyte Gulf, whose anniversary is part of what we’re honoring this evening.

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Humanitarian Service Award winner LosAngeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. #FreedomoftheSeas Humanitarian Service Award winner Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

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Admiral Michelle Howard at the Freedom of the Seas awards. Live from the #FreedomoftheSeas awards, Gravely Award winner Admiral Michelle Howard, USN (Ret).

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Here we go! Kicking off FREEDOM OF THE SEAS weekend with the Surface Navy Association awards luncheon.

Excited to host this event. Congratulations to all the winners for their impressive accomplishments and inspiring service.

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Who's joining us for our Halloween STEMebration? We've got fun lined up! Saturday, Oct. 30 from 6-9 PM. We'll see you here!

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We've been talking ten year anniversary memories, and we have a fun one for you today. COO Mike Getscher describes what was happening at this time in 2011:

"Revisiting the basics, the first tow for IOWA was a two-day effort on the 27th and 28th of October in 2011. The dates were driven by the tidal cycle of the region, which was a critical issue given our max draft of nearly 33 feet and the shallow water in the area. We had bathymetry or echo soundings of the tow path performed about a week before the tow which showed that we had inches of clearance under our rudders or perhaps even less. So at this point in time, we were scrambling to prepare the ship for tow, while simultaneously convincing the various jurisdictions that we were ready, making final contract arrangements with the tow company and port pilots, and assuring everyone that the bathymetry was ok.

"During this time, we were also busy recovering at least one anchor, pulling mooring lines out of the sail locker, and convincing the marine surveyors and Coast Guard that we were ready to go. The anchor evolutions were especially exciting as we started up machinery which hadn’t been used in ten years. After a little smoke and flame in the anchor windlass room, we were able to recover our port anchor along with 8 shots of chain. (Do we remember what a shot is?) But the starboard anchor had to come later due to a crane barge problem at the MARAD facility."

Here's a short compilation of footage from the day we raised the Mighty I's port anchor.

You can follow our ten year anniversary journey on our YouTube channel (Battleship USS IOWA Museum) and if you'd like to support our next ten years, hit up the donate link in our bio.

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BB-61 charging across the Atlantic at something over 30 knots back in 1987 is about how your battleship crew is feeling as we prep for our Freedom of the Seas gala this coming weekend. Full speed ahead - let's go!

We'll be at full dress ship for the weekend. Come check out our girl sporting all her finery. Check the link tree in our bio for tickets.

📷 from Michael McEnteggart

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