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It’s a beautiful day at #BattleshipIOWA. You should come see us. (Link for tickets in bio.)

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This week's MUSEUM UPDATE has a special announcement: CEO Jonathan Williams received the Distinguished Public Service award from the Department of the Navy - the highest honor the Navy can bestow on a non-military civilian.

Click LinkTree News & Updates in our bio for details.

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Ops team hard at work today making sure our mooring lines are tight enough. Just another Saturday at Battleship IOWA!

This exercise look fun to you? Ops is only one of the ways you can join our volunteer crew. Link in bio for more info and to sign up.

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We lowered the 16" guns on Turret 3 for a film shoot last year. With no power to move them the conventional way, how did we do it?

Brute force and a big pipe wrench.

What does that mean? You’ll see when video from the gun pit premieres tomorrow at NOON Pacific on our YouTube channel: Battleship USS IOWA Museum.

(Subscribing to our channel yet? That's another way you can support us for free.)

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Flashback Friday!

Joanna Paris sent us this wonderful photo her grandfather took. He caught her father waving to USS IOWA in New York City in 1957.

How about that crowd on the bullnose for some perspective on the ship's size?

Have any photos or memories of IOWA from your relatives you'd like to share? Send them our way; we'd love to save them in the ship's archives.

You can also become a Plank Owner (link in bio) for the Surface Navy Museum and share your stories there.

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Bravo Zulu to Innovation and Technology Manager Troy Vail, whose picture of USS TULSA (LCS-16) from the fantail of Battleship IOWA earned a Honorable Mention in the Naval Institute Press 2021 photography contest. It is published in the December issue of their magazine 'Proceedings.'

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This week’s MUSEUM UPDATE has arrived. Link with this photo in our Weekly Updates highlight.

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Congrats and Bravo Zulu to Cmdr. Billie Farrell, who will become the first female commanding officer for USS CONSTITUTION on Friday, Jan. 22nd.

We’ll be sharing the stories of legendary ships like CONSTITUTION and amazing sailors like Cmdr. Farrell in the National Museum of the Surface Navy. Are you a Plank Owner yet? It’s free! Link in bio.

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Sunday Funday!

Or technically Saturday night. We fired off one of our five inch mounts during a private event last night.

Did you know a gun shoot is an option that’s available for your event? Check out what else we offer here and book your party today! Link for details in bio.

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Epic tank dive 40 feet deep in a fuel and ballast tank aboard Battleship IOWA. You know you wanna see video.

Link with this photo in our IOWA BTS highlight.

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Ready for another behind-the-scenes adventure? Have we got one for you!

We ventured into a space on the ship rarely seen by ANYONE. Think you know what it is? Drop your best guess in the comments.

Video premieres tomorrow at NOON PACIFIC on our YouTube channel (Battleship USS IOWA Museum). Be there!

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First update of 2022 from CEO Jonathan Williams. Find this photo in our Weekly Updates highlight and swipe up.

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Brooklyn Navy Yard
30 December 1940

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#OTD in 1862: USS MONITOR sinks in a storm off Cape Hatteras, NC.

Famous for her iconic battle near Hampton Roads, VA with the MERRIMACK (CSS VIRGINIA) (which we highlight in our GUN TOUR - link in bio), the "ironclad" is being towed by USS RHODE ISLAND to join a fleet meant to attack Charleston, SC. The heavy, low-slung vessel does not do well in high seas.

Pitching and rolling in rough swells loosens the caulking around her turret and MONITOR begins to leak. As day turns to night, seams open and more leaks develop. It is soon clear the ship is doomed.

Her captain signals an abandon ship to RHODE ISLAND. The wooden side-wheeler pulls alongside and lowers lifeboats.

Many in MONITOR's crew are terrified to brave her decks in the sea state, and the vessel's pumps give out with men still aboard. She takes sixteen of her crew with her when she goes down.

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We have an extremely special end-of-year MUSEUM UPDATE for you today. We keep saying we want to preserve stories of the surface navy. Have we got one for you!

Meet inspiring and smile-inducing 101 year-old IOWA veteran Freeman Johnson and come along as he returns to his ship for the first time since the end of World War II. It's an amazing journey with this agile centenarian back to his old duty station... at the bottom of Boiler Room #4.

We were thrilled to meet Freeman and honored to host him back aboard his ship. He gave us insights into life on the battleship and shared glimpses of the war we'd never known. Find this photo in our Weekly Updates highlight for details.

Thanks for the unforgettable visit, Freeman. Come see us again soon!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. All the best from our family to yours.

(Card from our archives - vintage 1943.)

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It's Christmas Eve 1944 and USS IOWA is in the South Pacific. Much like SoCal today, she is assessing damage from a storm she's just weathered.

Storm...? More like the worst natural disaster in U.S. naval history - the infamous Typhoon Cobra.

From IOWA's official timeline:

24 December 1944 - Anchored in Ulithi Atoll.

0900 - Commenced diving operations to inspect No. 3 shaft. Determined dry-docking would be required after finding:
1) No. 3 strut had dropped about 3 inches in the strut bearing,
2) After main strut bearing wiped, brass segments protruding from strut,
3) Deep grove worn in No. 3 shaft at exit from No. 3 main strut bearing,
4) Brass of No. 3 propeller rubbed bright by machining action of brass segments.

1730 - Departed Ulithi and underway for inspection in a floating dry dock at Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island – Admiralty Islands.

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