Your Battleship IOWA Museum Tour Experience

Utilizing our state of the art interactive tour app, your journey will follow in the foot steps of three generations of sailors - World War II, Korean War, and the Cold War.  Along your journey you will see videos, hear stories, and interact with Navy veterans to hear there very own stories.  Experience American exceptionalism first hand at the Battleship IOWA Museum.  Download the interactive mobile tour app to fully experience the museum, you can download prior to visiting or with our FREE WI-FI on board.  This app is included in the price of your admission and include tours, augmented reality experiences, and multiple languages.


Highlights Tour

You could spend days aboard the Iowa and still not learn everything there is to know. On the other hand, there are basic facts and stories about the battleship that everyone should understand. This tour offers some of the highlights aboard the ship that have contributed to the Iowa’s nationwide renown. You will learn about what made the 16in guns so impressive; how many commissions the Iowa embarked upon; what incident almost caused a President’s demise; why the Iowa is one of very few ships to have a bathtub on board; and when and where one of the most catastrophic events in US Navy history fell upon the ship. Get ready for an unforgettable voyage.  Get a taste of the adventure by clicking here!


New Recruits Tour

Listen up sailor! As a newbie, there’s a few things you need to know about life on a battleship. Lucky for you, this tour serves as your ‘new recruit orientation’ and will fill you in on everything you need to know to start your Navy career off right. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be up to speed on everything from the proper way to board a ship to the reason for those funny white hats. Welcome aboard newbie. With this tour, you’ll be up-to-snuff in no time.  Get a taste of the adventure by clicking here!


The City at Sea Tour

Welcome to the USS Iowa sailor! This tour will teach you about what to expect while on board this top of the line battleship. Not only will you learn about how to speak in order to fit in with the rest of your crew, but you will hear about your duties, where you will sleep and eat, as well as places to blow off steam on this vessel. By the end of this tour you should feel comfortable enough to set sail!  Get a taste of the adventure by clicking here!


The IOWA's Weapons Tour

One of the most impressive things about the Iowa is her firepower. Throughout this tour you will learn the in’s and out’s of the ship’s weapons systems, from its 16 inch, 50 caliber guns, to its highly advanced Tomahawk missile system.  Get a taste of the adventure by clicking here!


The IOWA Through Time Tour

The “Iowa Through Time” tour will take you on a chronological exploration of the battleship’s three commissions. Starting with the Iowa’s first commission, which lasted throughout World War II, you will learn about the weapons the ship was outfitted with, as well as stories surrounding its famous transport of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Moving throughout the ship, you will also learn about the modifications made to the Iowa that made her more effective in her second commission, in Korea, and her third, countering the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  This tour will take you throughout the ship, and is a great place to start, in order to learn a general history of the vessel.  Get a taste of the adventure by clicking here!


Make sure and download your interactive tour from the Android or IPhone store before you visit!



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