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Visit the Battleship USS Iowa Museum at the  Los Angeles Waterfront for a unique interactive family experience.  The Battleship IOWA Museum is a Top 10 regional attraction and rated one of the "Best Cool Exhibits to See With Your Kids" by CBS Los Angeles . Your self-guided adventure highlights life at sea for thousands of sailors over the past 70 years, while interacting with numerous exhibits using our state of the art interactive tour app. Children can follow our clever mascot dog named Victory on a popular scavenger hunt. Known as the Battleship of Presidents, USS Iowa is located at the former home to the US Navy pacific fleet and an area rich in maritime history.

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The Battleship IOWA museum is a melding of science, technology, engineering, and math.  She was built during the early 1940's - a time when drawing boards were the norm and computers as we know them didn’t exist. It is hard to imagine the effort it took to design, build, and bring alive 45,000 tons of steel. An 887 foot long behemoth that was a city at sea for thousands of sailors over three different decades.

Every day the Battleship IOWA crew showcases your historic science museum. A platform, unlike no other, that highlights the achievements of our fellow Americans through modern technology including our customized mobile app!  Visitors from all over the world comment on the emotional and memorable journey they experience when coming on board. Women and men alike feel the strong connection to our past and an amazing sense of respect for our service men and women during a museum tour. It is difficult for the crew to truly reflect how special the Battleship IOWA is to us, but it is easy to explain after someone visits.

The crew is excited to show you an amazing piece of American history at the Battleship IOWA museum.  Download the "USS Iowa" app in the Apple or Android store prior to your visit to experience a truly engaging experience.

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