Day of Discovery


For students interested in exploring the science behind Battleships. Morning LEGO engineering activitiesexploring simple machines, geared motors. Afternoons include activities around the ship investigating water depth, missile tracjectory, submersibles and more!

Camp Battleship Youth Overnight Program

Join us at Battleship IOWA Museum for an exciting night of fun for youth groups at the LA Waterfront.The youth encampment & scout overnight program is open year round and is popular amongst youth groups.  The program includes a tour introduction to STEM learning, chow on the mess decks, evening entertainment, and much more.  More info...

Youth Daytime School Tours and Programs

A field trip to Battleship IOWA presents an array of entirely novel stimuli to the student.  The features of a battleship compel their attention as it confronts them with features unprecedented in their experience.  Most student visitors have never been aboard a ship of any type, much less a vintage WWII warship.  More info...

Day of Discovery

Partnering with the Tesoro Corporation and their mission of creating a safer and cleaner future, the Day of Discovery program was born out of a desire to use the historic Battleship IOWA as an educational platform for the children of the greater Los Angeles region.  More info...


Be a part of The Battleship IOWA Museum’s Annual Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Essay Contest in observation of Black History month. This contest celebrates a "Man of Many Firsts" and is open to all high school juniors currently enrolled in a United States History course attending public (traditional or charter), private or parochial schools or home-schooled students between the ages of 15 -18. More info...


Why Battleship IOWA Matters by James E. Sefton

Upon America’s entry into World War II, the west coast became the staging ground for the largest naval campaign of World War II, and indeed, in all of American history.  Thousands of tons of war supplies and equipment left west coast ports.  Thousands of servicemen and women saw their last glimpse of their homeland at ports from northern Washington to southern California.   More info...

Battleship of Presidents

During her more than 50 years in service, IOWA has welcomed and escorted our nation’s Commander in Chief on many occasions. No other battleship in our nation’s history has been host to more U.S. Presidents than the IOWA. More info...

Service Awards

Ships are awarded ribbons and medals just like sailors.  When a ship earns a ribbon, all the sailors serving aboard at the time are also awarded that ribbon.  The ship's ribbons are worn on the outside of her bridge wings.  The USS IOWA earned 14 different ribbons over her nearly 50 years of service.  More info...

Victory the Dog

When Navy Captain John L. McCrea first brought home a new pet dog, his wife said, “Get that thing out of here.”  Years later his daughter Annie Sullivan recalled, “my sister named the dog Victory but we all called him Vicky. He was just a mutt.” That “mutt” would go on to sleep at the foot of President Franklin Roosevelt’s bed, share the Captain’s Wardroom with the great military leaders of World War II, log in over 205,000 miles on the Battleship Iowa, and be given full military honors when he finally left the ship. More info...


Battleship USS Iowa Service Record & History

World War II and the 1940's 
Korean Conflict and the 1950's
Cold War and the 1980's
Post Cold War thru 2012
General Ship Statistics

Education Programs Supported By:

Port of Los AngelesPhillips 66Tesoro 


The USS IOWA “Those Who Served” collection provides snapshots and stories from USS IOWA veterans who proudly served throughout its storied service history. This will be a continuously growing Registry of USS IOWA Service where you can search for shipmates or enter information about your own service or that of a loved one.  More info...

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